Friday, June 27, 2014

Supplement suggestion

The best supplement for me, until now, was "Pure Protein GF-1" from "USN", which is a 2.28kg bottle with 40 grams of protein, 2.2 grams of carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of sugar, 2.8 grams of fat and 17 grams of BCAAS, L-glutamine, glutamic acid per dose. And the fact that it has so much protein and few fat and carbohydrates make you earn muscles without getting fat. And it also regulates your digestion and you intestines which makes you see results so much faster, and also makes you look thin all the time.
This supplement exists in many flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and pistachio.
All you have to do to take this supplement, is to had 2 scoops of it to 250 mls of water in a shaker and shake for 30 seconds.
I personally use it (vanilla version) once a day, after my workout, and i liked it so much that I already bought my second bottle, because one bottle lasts 55 days for me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Insane Abs Workout (2014)

I do this abs workout every other day:

1-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-50 reps.

2-Leg Aside Abs-25 reps.

3-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-50 reps.

4-Kayak Abs-40 reps.

5-Swimmer Legs Abs-40 reps.

6-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

7-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

8-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

9-Triangle Abs-30 reps.

10-Crossed Abs-80 reps.

11-Inverted Abs-60 reps.

12-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

13-Lifting Bar Abs-35 reps. + 35 reps.

14-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

15-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

16-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

17-Triangle Abs-30 reps.

18-Crossed Abs-80 reps.

19-Inverted Abs-60 reps.

20-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

21-Lifting Bar Abs-35 reps. + 35 reps.

22-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

23-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

24-Abs Push-ups-20 reps.

25-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-50 reps.

26-Leg Aside Abs-25 reps.

27-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-50 reps.

28-Kayak Abs-40 reps.

29-Swimmer Legs Abs-40 reps.

June 2014 Challenge

In order to prepare your abs for this summer, this month's challenge is to do the most abs push-ups you can today and add 2 more repetitions to that set every other day.

Post the results below and stay fit.