Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 foods you shouldn't eat

There are certain foods that bodybuilders think that they should eat to increase the size of their muscles but some of those aren't as good as you think. Here are 3 foods that you shouldn't eat:

1-Energy Drinks: They are hyper calorie and full of fat. Instead of energy drinks try drinking Green Tea.

2-Cup Noodles: The cup noodles you buy because you think they're full of carbohydrates are actually one of the worst foods for bodybuilders. Try eating homemade spaghetti and pastas.

3-Microwave Pop-Corn: Try the ones that you do in the cooker.

4-Milkshakes: Some milkshakes can have more calories than 2 big macs together.

5-Chips: They have too much oil, fat and salt.

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