Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Insane Abs Workout (2013)

I do this abs workout every other day:

1-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-25 reps.

2-Leg Aside Abs-25 reps.

3-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-25 reps.

4-Kayak Abs-40 reps.

5-Swimmer Legs Abs-40 reps.

6-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

7-Triangle Abs-30 reps.

8-Crossed Abs-80 reps.

9-Inverted Abs-60 reps.

10-Lifting Bar Abs-25 reps. + 25 reps.

11-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

12-Triangle Abs-30 reps.

13-Crossed Abs-80 reps.

14-Inverted Abs-60 reps.

15-Lifting Bar Abs-25 reps. + 25 reps.

16-Wheeled Abs-35 reps.

17-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-25 reps.

18-Leg Aside Abs-25 reps.

19-Feet Slide Cardio Abs-25 reps.

20-Kayak Abs-40 reps.

21-Swimmer Legs Abs-40 reps.

I only do 2 brakes of 4 seconds between the 2 variations of lifting bar abs.

This is an 805 reps. workout but actually it's a less than an half hour workout and if you workout for a long time already you can reach this level in a few months.

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