Saturday, September 21, 2013


If you want to get the perfect body and you don't have it it's probably because you're too lazy to workout and because you don't want to sacrifice a tasty caloric meal in exchange of an healthy and full of proteins diet.

So first of all, you won't change you're body, you'll change your mentality.

If you have a nice hamburger full of ketchup in front of you, the first thing you'll do is to eat it...

In this case what you have to think about is that you can eat now the hamburger and be more fat 3 minutes away or you can choose to eat a non fat meal full of proteins and be healthier 3 minutes away.

It just depends in what do you want to say 3 minutes away: "I'm one step closer to be healthier and have the body I want" or "I'm fat, lazy, weak and I just ate an hamburger that gave me pleasure for 3 minutes and now the pleasure is gone and I'll feel sorry for 3 hour of digestion and every time I look at the mirror and see that my stomach is bigger and bigger".

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