Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wheeled Abs

In this exercise what you have to do is to find an heavy object that rolls and get a comfortable thing to put under your knees that doesn't slips away at the same time (for example: a pillow, a folded towel, etc.), and with your knees in the ground and your hands in the rolling object (for example: weights, a skateboard, etc.) slide your body forward and backwards. The movement you'll be doing will only be possible because of your abdominal muscles, and that's what makes your abs grow.

When you go backwards try not to go too far behind because that will put you in a comfortable position and you'll grow less muscle. Do the most repetitions you can. Try not to arch your back because that may cause you spine problems and be careful with the rolling object because if it rolls too much and you don't have enough strength to hold it you may crash your nose in the ground. In this aspect the skateboard is better because it can support your elbows.

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